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The charity provides assistance in the form of donations / grants to institutions, organisations and individuals for the purpose of satisfying a medical, educational, Christian, welfare or environmental resources need within a 30 mile of the village of Blofield in Norfolk.


Examples of eligible and ineligible applications, although this is not taken to be exhaustive, are:


  • Equipment
  • Capital Appeals
  • Specific Needs / Projects
  • Local Projects
  • Assistance with running costs
  • Assistance with set up costs
  • Fund raising events


  • Salaries
  • Sponsorship > 1 year
  • General Appeals where the need could be met several times over by Grantors.
  • National Appeals
  • Continued Assistance with running costs


We are essentially a grant making trust. We do not actively seek funds. However, if you would like to make a donation or leave a legacy to help us to help our beneficiaries even more, please contact the Secretary to the Trustees before you make your gift.

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Please note that trustees meet quarterly to consider applications.

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